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The main responsibilities of the Special Secretariat for PPPs involve the following:

  • the coordination of PPP projects that are promoted or planned by Public Entities, by seeking data related with them,
  • the evaluation of projects that may be implementad via a PPP scheme according to the provisions of Law 3389/2005, by elaborating data or information gathered from any Public or Private entity,
  • the elaboration of the information it receives from professional and business entities or associations, including the Greek Banking Association, the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Economic Chamber of Greece, and the Association of Contracting Companies,
  • the study of comprehensive proposals elaborated by Public or Private Entities for the construction of works or the supply of services,
  • the monitoring of all financial obligations undertaken by Public Entities, and especially of the future burden upon the Public Investment Programme that may or will result from the payments to be made to Partnerships subject to the provisions of this law,
  • the diffusion of expertise to all relevant stakeholders, by preparing and distributing printed material with information and instructions related to Partnerships, the purposes they serve, the internationally accepted methods of establishing such Partnerships and the provisions of this law,
  • the standardization of documents, which can be used for the needs of the Contract Award Procedures,
  • the standardization of all kinds of Partnership Contracts or Ancillary Agreements, in order to assist Public and Private Entities in formulating the terms and conditions of their Partnership Contracts,
  • the submission to the Joint Ministers' PPP Committe of proposals intended to improve the legislative framework regulating the Partnerships,
  • the coordination of the preparation of studies and the supply of auxiliary services in general to persons recruited pursuant to the provisions of Law 3389/2005.

Pursuant the above responsibilities, the Special Secretariat for PPPs collects the information necessary to decide which projects or services can be implemented through Partnerships, and evaluates the financial and technical parameters, as well as the associated legal and other issues. The Special Secretariat then proceeds to draw up a non-binding list of projects and services ("List of Proposed Partnerships") that may be implemented through Partnerships and may be included to the provisions of Law 3389/2005. For each project or service included in the List of Proposed Partnerships, the Special Secretariat draws up a brief report setting out its rationale for:

  • the financial, technical, socio-economic and legal reasons for which it considers that the construction of the specific projects or supply of the specific services ought to proceed by means of a Public-Private Partnership,
  • the criteria that it has taken into account to select the specific projects or services that have been included in the List of Proposed Partnerships,
  • the actions which may have been taken by the Public Entity involved to meet the needs of preparing the award of the relevant Contracts, such as, for example, the recruitment of financial, technical and legal advisors, the elaboration of preliminary design and / or studies and the preparation of draft contracts,
  • the form of the proposed Contract Award Procedure, which is deemed most appropriate for the particular case, as well as the Public Entities acting as commissioning authorities,
  • an indicative timetable of the Contract Award Procedure
  • a report of the indicative budget of the project or services to be undertaken by the partnership under the Contract.