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Interministerial Committee

The Inter-Ministerial Committee for Public-Private Partnerships (ICPPP) is the collective governmental body which set the general policy for PPPs and approve projects that should proceed to implementation through the PPP framework.

ICPPP Members::

  • The Minister of Economy and Development (Head of Committee)
  • The Minister of Finance
  • The Minister of Environment and Energy
  • The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport
  • The Minister(s) who supervise(s) each of the Public Bodies that are examining the implementation of PPP projects, under their competencies.

The ICPPP is responsible for:

  • The approval of inclusion of PPP projects to the framework depicted in L/3389, as well as the cancelation of such approvals
  • The decision for the provision of the any contractual consideration to the private partner in the Public Investments Programme
  • The decision about the level of the public sector’s participation in the financing of a PPP project.