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International Αward of Greek PPP projects in the best infrastructure projects worldwide by the magazine WORLD FINANCE.

The PPP project for 24 Public Schools Infrastructure in Attica worth 110 million. €, was named as the Agreement of the Year 2014 on education.

Design and implementation of a new funding structure combining for the first time in a European level Union finance by the European Investment Bank and through the JESSICA fund.


Western Macedonia waste management PPP announced “Waste Deal of the Year 2013”

Following a three month appraisal, the Western Macedonia waste management PPP has been announced Waste Deal of the Year 2013 as part of the World Finance award program "Project Finance Deal of the Year".

"World Finance has recognized the commitment of the Greek government to developing waste infrastructure projects, and views the government's reforms, agenda, and PPP law as some of the most progressive in Europe. The award is honoring the political will of the Greek government to initiating waste PPP's, as evidenced through a number of projects that are in tendering process. The award is also honoring the coordination of procedures of the Special Secretariat of the Ministry, together with the anticipated environmental targets of those projects".